13-13 November 2022 - Swiss Boat Show Geneva

« I was feeling good before coming, now that I see your creations I even feel better » told me a man visiting our stand as we showcased CZI at the Swiss Boat Show two weeks ago. We never met before, and this was the first feedback he could give me.

Yes, Art makes happy. From music to painting it has this immense power to move us emotionally in a glimpse.

Being a life-enthusiast and a natural-born optimistic, creating positive emotions is my passion. Experiencing this in real time is a bliss. This is why I so much LOVE exhibiting.

It is all about sharing LOVE and JOY. 

Yes, Art is a healer. It elevates our minds and comforts our souls and these days it is more important than ever.

Having the chance to live these moments with my sons Elie and Gabriel, who are part of CZI venture with me makes me amazingly grateful, 

Thank you my friends, clients, visitors, yesterday’s strangers who came to our gypsy stand and are now part of our universe.❤️❤️❤️

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